Landscaping of the site


Age is one of the main criteria for choosing a seedling. Plants no more than 2 years old take root most easily. A three-year-old tree has much lower chances, and even if it settles in a new place, ...

Layout of a plot of 10 acres: diagrams and examples

  1. Layout
    • Rectangular
    • Round
    • Square
  2. Site zoning
    • Parking or garage
    • Rest zone
    • Workplace
  3. Landscaping and decor
    • Garden
    • Garden
    • Flowerbeds and hedges
    • Water bodies
    • Gazebo or terrace
  4. Expert advice

The layout of a plot of 10 acres allows you to equip a cozy place for a family vacation with minimal costs. In order for your territory to be convenient and practical, the location of all buildings and plantings must be thought out in advance.

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